16: Gen X? Next

Sorry for the lateness, bandwidth caught us again. To make up for it, we're coming to you for the first time in glorious 128 kilobit stereo!
More rambles, post-drunken this time:

• Marcus went out the night before and has regrets
• Why Marcus has a .net as main domain ... and the wrong birthday
• Jenny's number no longer a sure thing
• Gaming the record/tape/CD clubs
• Greatest hits albums—not so bad, sometimes
• Apology Corner 
• Harlan Ellison's reading
• Hank Green’s video: https://youtu.be/t8cahYNRjVM
• Millennials and beyond, we agree you're swell
• Feeling protective of the next gens as X gens
• SNL's best cast? The one you grew up with
• Go see Black Panther 
• Could a face-to-face show be in the works?
• Mom's euphemism for the bad 

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