The random gunk we discuss on this ep include:

• Pet noises
• Intro meta 1:20
• Shows older than this 2:05
• Ad disdain 3:34 (clarification: Marcus says he doesn’t understand why you’d want to do this as your job. “You,” in this case, means us, not anyone in general. Obvi there are lots who'd love to.)
• Podcast feed meta 5:18
• The Simpsons trivia 7:02 We mention SNPP, but it’s now
• Facial Hair Minute: butterfly razor vs. multi-blade 10:48
• Clapperboard & film sound 18:52
• Not Going to YouTube? 21:34
• Data Mining Evil
Reply All #109:
• Not talking about Red Dwarf 28:19

Yeesh. This may be the last instance tagging subjects with timestamps.

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