24: Ranty Player One

Noting the following notes: 

• How we doing?
• Hey, pretty good, as it turns out
• Is audio reading?
• Twitter hypocrites...hypotwits?
• Overteased with promos
• Ground Kontrol recap
• Ready Player One ranting & raving with full spoilers

• The Game Informer Podcast Ernest Cline Interview (starts about 1:27:12): https://overcast.fm/+JRum2c98w
• Shall We Play a Game?'s RP1 show, about both book AND film: https://overcast.fm/+EvVl9y0B8
• "If You Want to Know How We Ended Up in a Cyber Dystopia, Read Ready Player One": https://www.theverge.com/2018/4/19/17250892/ready-player-one-book-facebook-internet-dystopia 

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