• It's raining
• Flash flooding in AZ
• Korrection Korner: Col. Hapablap on the Simpsons was played by R. Lee Ermey, not Kiefer Sutherland, AND the version of "I Will Always Love You" we played last week was, of course, Mark Hamill. Duh.
• Crappy Saturday morning/afterschool cartoons of our childhood
• Marvel movies we haven't seen, but boy have we seen the hell out of Captain America: The Winter Soldier
• Music Share: Big Jesus
• Music Share: New versions of Beach Boys songs with Matt Jardine
• Powell's Books (they do claim to be the world's biggest indie)
• Blackwing pencils 

• (and the others): , ,
• Big Jesus - "Nothing Like I Thought"
• Brian Wilson, Al Jardine - "Wouldn't It Be Nice" Pet Sounds 50th Anniversary:
• Pencil Shootout: 

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