Music and shaving, our two passions!

Basically, we talked about
• Shaving and costs of old timey tools
• Album Exchange! And fail!
• Pretenders II
• Not spoiling Stranger Things 2
• Repeatedly viewing other films
• The first time we saw Star Wars (1977)
• Leitmotifs in SW
• Inspiration for John Williams’s Star Wars score
• Failing to remember seeing The Empire Strikes Back the first time (1980)
• Trashing a small town we lived in
• The first time we saw Return of the Jedi (1983)
• Playing the Star Wars D6 RPG
• Freedom Rock
• Failing to wrap up the show and theoretical sponsors 

Thank you for listening, reading the show notes, keeping the faith, and being ever more awesome. Contact us at, and on Twitter: @ijc2b 

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