9: DMY, HNY!

It's our first annual New Year's Eve show! A week late! But we're inveterate procrastinators, so it fits. We talked about 

• New Year's doings at our respective places
• Smartest Baby in the World is down for the count...but still alert
• The Rose Parade (not going to)
• Haranguing pays off
• Half-assed resolutions
• Intermission while we discuss moving
• "Best of" lists 
• John Green's New Year's video https://youtu.be/4b_tL3mh-Gw
• Tired of Los Angeles
• Refi minutiae
• Singing praises of the PNW
• Comparing housing prices, L.A. & NYC 
• Luxembourg!
• "Speisekarte" is German for "menu" (lit. "food card") but Speise is considered archaic, and "Essen" is used as generic "food" these days. Cue Spongebob "The More You Know" GIF
• Marcus's game industry experience
• Staying up late for NYE as kids in the 70s
• Not damaging society with our pedantry 

Thanks for listening, as always! You may contact us at ijc2bs@gmail.com, or on Twitter at @ijc2b. Archived episodes are at https://ijc2b.podbean.com/ 

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